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I got from wonder trade a shiny level 100 fate full encounter Deoxys. Some guy from Mitsuki.tv is the guy who gave it to me. Also his icon appears different. is it hacked?

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I was able to poke bank it now I can't open poke bank.
Oh and this was wonder trading in Alpha Sapphire.
Naive nature.
Is it up for trades I got mythicals at shiny lvl100
Nope. I transferred it to USUM.

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Yep its hacked. I have personally ran into mitsuki myself, and I love when I get into a wondertrade and I she her name (yes it is a she, female player.). I wouldn’t worry too much, I have never seen her give out stat-max Pokemon, just shiny hacked. So no, I don’t condome what she is doing, since its purly cosmeteic, and inappauld her. But yeah, it’sdefinity hacked, but dont worry, its just shiny hacks, not stat hacks. Your game is safe.

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Man I hope so...
Hold on it also has PokeRus.
Yep, it usually does, it dont really matter as it is still not stat hacks, pokerus is just a good thing.  If you get a pokemon with active pokerus, use it to soread pokerus
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While shiny Deoxys is technically possible if it’s from a Gen 3 game, Mitsuki.tv is a known hacker. It’s absolutely hacked.

****! Is this gonna ruin my game/poke bank?
No it wont. I have gotten a plethera of pokmon from her, and nothing has happened, so your good.