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Met: A lovely place. A fateful encounter. Level 50.

Oh you don’t even need me to tell ya it has pokerus.
How likely to ruin my game?
I was able to poke bank it.
It rbs wont ruin game. Edit your question to mee your new questions needs

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I’m assuming you got it in a wonder trade, there are bots in that trade, two I believe, and that is one of them. I once received a victini from them. My game is perfectly fine and I’m sure yours will be too, you just got a free legendary basically. These bots always trade out shinies/legendaries and they usually have pokerus
Hope this helps!

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Yeah It was wonder trade. Oh. So does that mean that if I wonder trade a lot I’ll basically get free Shiny legends with Pokerus??? And they don’t harm my game?
Yeah, Wonder Trade is full of people trading perfect shiny legendaries and the like. They're all hacked, but they won't harm your game.