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I have multiple Eeve's and each of them has at least one Fairy type move and the affection hearts are either 2, 3, or max on amie. I battle and once it gains a level it evolves into Umbreon instead of Sylveon. Why could that be? Please help me understand what I'm missing or doing wrong.

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Only the max affection one should evolve into Sylveon, so give that one a fairy move and level it. :P

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I know this question already has a good answer, but hear me out.

Maybe the reason your Eevees keep evolving into either Espeon or Umbreon is because Happiness(which is required for those 2) is more "superior" than affection. So when you attempt to evolve your Eevee, make sure that it has 2 hearts on Pokemon Amie and knows a Fairy type move, while making sure that it doesn't have a very high friendship level

yes, it would be good to try feeding the eevee a bitter herb or medicine to lower its friendship. then the monamie affection might override the friendship.
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Eevee can evolve for sylveon, if you have a fairy type move in your eevee moveset. Try evolve eevee into sylveon on day time

If it’s evolving into Umbreon because it’s night, then trying to evolve it during the day would just give you Espeon.
The question already said the Eevee had high affection and a fairy move.
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Eevee is trying to evolve into Umbreon because it is night in your game. Try leveling it up at a different time.

Evolving into Sylveon should take priority over evolving into Umbreon.
Are you sure? I don’t see why else it would evolve into Umbreon. I would test this right now, but it’s not night lol.
If Umbreon had priority, then evolving it any other time would evolve it into Espeon. So the answer is wrong either way. One thing that might work but still shouldn't is using 2 revival herbs to lower Eevee's friendship below the evolution range.
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The fairy type move must be Baby Doll Eyes, or else it will evolve into espeon or umbreon. Otherwise, it must be daytime.

The move does not have to be Baby-Doll Eyes, nor does it have to be daytime.