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Bulbapedia lists the Battle Tower in FRLG as a repeatable method for obtaining Upgrades, but I’ve defeated the Battle Tower’s singles mode twice now (once in about 17 minutes, and again in 13) and didn’t receive an Upgrade either time. I seem to remember getting an Upgrade this way once several years ago, and my previous record was 22 minutes, so it doesn’t seem like the requirement for getting the prize is breaking your old record or getting under a specific time (unless I’m remembering wrong and I never did receive an Upgrade, which is possible). I checked my bag before my second attempt to make sure there was room (which there was/is), and I can’t think of any other reason for why I’m not receiving Upgrades.

I've seen people say you can receive each prize only once.
What happens when you try getting the other prizes in the Tower?

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