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For all of Ash's traveling companions, which of them have an irrational fear of a Pokémon type or species?

i.e.: Misty is afraid of Bug-types and Iris is afraid of Ice-types.

Also, forgot to mention Cilan is afraid of Purrloin.
I think Dawn was afraid of sqrt(3).
Brock is “afraid” of Professor Ivy post-Orange League, Dawn is afraid of Plusle and Minun, Serena is afraid of ghosts, Lillie is afraid of touching Pokémon in the first half of Sun and Moon, and Sophocles is afraid of the dark. That’s all I know off the top of my head.
Thanks, Cinc. I knew Sophocles is afraid of the dark, but not Dark-type Pokémon.
Isn't May scared of all Pokemon at the beginnign?
No, that was Lillie, BlackAce.

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Misty is afraid of Bug-types (except those that are deemed cute/pretty), while Iris is afraid of Ice-types (due to them being Super-effective against Dragon-types).

Dawn was afraid of Plusle/Minun because, she was the next caretaker. But, when she hugged them, they shocked her.

Serena has also been shown to be afraid of crossing unstable bridges across high ravines.

Cilan is afraid of the Pokémon Purrloin.

Lillie was afraid of physically touching Pokémon at the beginning due to an incident that happened at Aether Paradise where she was attacked by Nihilego and rescued by Type: Null. Eventually, she overcame this fear and was able to touch them with no problems.

It is known that Sophocles is scared of the dark, but not of the Dark-type.
Also, Clement has a fear of heights.

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May was also afraid of all Pokemon during her introduction arc in the Advanced anime.