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I traded with a friend on pokémon go. And he gave me pokémon he had from 2016. So I want to know is there any value that their pokémon was from around the time the game was first established?

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Values are human constructs. It's valuable if you (or someone else) think it's valuable.

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Pokemon from older times are more likely to become Lucky Pokemon. These have guarentteed 12/15 at the least ivs, and need half the stardust to power up as usual. Basically, the older the Pokemon you get from the trade, the more likely it will become a lucky Pokemon, but it has to be at least a year old to become eligible for lucky status.

In your case, your Pokemon could have a 75% chance to become lucky if from July or August 2016, or a 25% chance if from later in 2016.

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Yes I got pokémon from July and August of 2016