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I just saw Aegislash's stats, which is a very good Sp. A and atacker with 150 both, but the point is I don't know should I use it for my team
This is my team:
Kommo-o (learned earthquake and iron head)
Mega lopunny (which is shiny)
Dusk lycanroc
Please give me advises

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your team looks ok, i dont think aegislash would fit or be worthy of being replaced
I think having 2 fighting Pokemon isn't the best idea, so replace Kommo-O with Aegislash.
Lopunny is not fighting type, its normal type
It's fighting type when you mega evolve it.
Oh, i see, but kommo-o is a pseudo - legendary sir :v (and  like i said, it have iron head, a freakin iron head).
Just because it's pseudo-legendary doesn't mean it's good. Also Aegislash's iron head is stronger.

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Aegislash is an all-around amazing Pokemon, and it would do wonders for your team in-game.

  • Typing
    Aegislash's unique typing of ghost-steel gives it three immunities. This normally wouldn't be a problem,
    as Pallosand has the exact same advantage, but as you don't have a poison or steel type, you are very susceptible to poisoning, and Team skull just spams those poison types.
  • Offensive-Defensive
    Aegislash's ability, as everybody knows, is absolutely amazing. The ability to switch between these kinds of forms makes it a very nice and versatile option for taking on the elite four. If you haven't already, of course.
  • Role
    When looking at your team, you have one big flaw, and that is, your only Pokemon on the special side is Vikavolt. Now, let me ask you, what if, you encountered any rock/ground type, and lopunny/ kommo-o were down. Vikavolt would by shut down, seeing as it's best, most reliable stab is bug buzz/thunderbolt, and ground is immune to electric. Aegislash fixes this. Aegislash can carry out the role of a mixed attacker in blade form with flash cannon.

Overall Aegislash is an amazing Pokemon that can be made to work on any team, so yes, do add it.

Then which pokemon will fight against flying type?
probably Lycanroc
Vikavolt much?