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It seems legit but it has maxed out stats.

Edit. it is also from mitsuki.tv in wonder trade. but she was not the original owner so is it hacked?

Plus it is from Sinnoh.

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Can you show us a screenshot of the stats page of its summary screen? Is the Shaymin hyper trained?
I don't know how.
go to shaymin summary and take a photo with your phone or other device you have and publish on a image hosting site (like imgur) and post the image link
Is it shiny?
it is not shiny
In Sky Form it has hp 341 attack 217 defense 187 SP.Def 186 Sp.Atk 339 speed 388 nature Timid.
I'm pretty sure that most things from .tv people are hacked.

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- If the Pokémon has moves it can’t learn normally, (Ex. Move tutor, Level up, Egg moves, etc.) then it’s hacked.

- If its stats are higher then normal, (Ex. Max Stats with a Beneficial Nature, Maxed IV’s, and EV’s in the right spot) , then it’s hacked.

- Also if the OT user ends with .tv , .YTUBE , or something like that, then it’s probably of being hacked is 99.99%.

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Its ot is TRU. Its stats are like its hyper trained and wont let me hypertrain. So not sure if its hacked by mitsuki or just hyper trained.
you forgot about the nickname sign. it could also be hacked if i has no name, as in its blank. no name at all.
in the nickname sign it says shaymin