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My moveset now is:
-Brick Break
-Focus Blast

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Yes, all I found is Vaccum Cut
Do you look (in game) daily by the purple Kecleon Brother? I bought a couple of focus punches by him just like swords dance  and recently drain punch. Riolu learns reversal by lvl up so no point in searching for it. Don't know how to get dig, maybe you should try looking in dessert theme dungeons because it's a ground type move. And I just found out that vacuum wave does fixed 18 damage so I forgot the move immediately. I think you just need to be lucky to find TM's. All I can say is that you check every in game day by the purple kecleon to see if your lucky and try out different dungeons while you do missions.
I found dig yesterday in MT. Avalanche. If you can go there you might try it a couple of times to test your luck.
I still rather have Screech than Swords Dance because when it's at a corner I still can help my partner by lowering the enemies' defense.
There are also moves that cut corners. Energy ball is one of them (my partner is turtwig). Shadow ball is as well. I also don't know who your partner is. Turtwig has more special moves so there is no point in lowering defense when you hit the sp.def. For myself I really prefer just attacking than stat lowering and taking damage.

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For the ones who don't want to read the comments here are the moves so far.

  • Bite (coverage)
  • Swords dance (to up the attack)
  • Drain punch (brick break only does damage while drain punch also heals)
  • reversal (more power the less hp the user has. You can also heal with drain punch afterwards)
  • focus punch (2 turn move)
  • dig (in a hallway your partner behind you can attack the enemy Pokemon as well during the turn your underground)

Extra Notes
Don't use vacuum wave because it only hits for 18 damage
Reversal is OP. My riolu does with full hp more damage with this move then drain punch. and this moves becomes stronger the less hp you have.

Join the discussion in the comments so we can find the best moveset for this little guy together.

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