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OK so my current party is Growlithe, Servine, Flaafy, Whirlipede, and Lucario. I'm playing White 2 and I cant decide what Pokemon to have for my 6th. Obviously this team isn't competitive because its type spread is awful, but what do you guys suggest is a good final Pokemon?

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You don't already have a normal Pokemon, so I think the best choice is either Cinccino or Braviary. You might also want to replace Growlithe with Darmanitan for better stats and a very early flare blitz.

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Most of your poke are correct, except Flaafy, I recommend changing it for another poke mentioned below.

Flying Pokemon against Marshal & Alder's Volcarona, like Archeops or Gliscor. Serious, Marshal's team is mostly a single fight typing.

Ice/Dragon Pokemon against Iris & Cynthia, like Weavile or Haxorus. Although some of your Pokemon can learn Dragon moves, like Arcanine's Outrage, maybe.

Just keep in mind Fire Pokemon like White Kyurem & Chandelure are going to be a threat.

Archen is unobtainable before the Pokemon League, and Braviary is much stronger than Gliscor.
Also I'm pretty sure Beartic is better than Weavile, because you can get a Beartic much earlier.