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After I caught missingno. in red, I got another HM for FLY. And it won't let me store either in the PC, so what's wrong with it? Is it a glitch? Does missingno. have anything to do with it?

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Do you know why the HM becomes un-depositable? Do you know why there's only one extra HM instead of the usual 128 extra?
No but mabye cause he only caught one.
Please only post in the answer box if you're certain about what you're posting, and can explain it in more detail. Stating that MissingNo is responsible for this because it's well-known is just speculation.
I didn't get 128 because you can only have 1 hm at a time. And you can't even hold 100 items so yeah, I think the game would break...
Then maybe that's the answer.

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