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My online battle team has a few issues I want to ask about.

  1. My Mewtwo knows Psystrike, Aura sphere, Shadow ball and Ice beam, should I substitute Either Shadow ball or Ice beam for Flamthrower for more type coverage? It’s holding an life orb if that makes an difference

  2. ExtremeKiller Arceus , Swords dance, Recover, Extreme Speed and Shadow claw. Should I run EQ instead of Shadow claw?

  3. Volcarona. Do I run it bulky or just Quiver Dance Focus sash and sweep? (I will run a offensive one with modest nature).

  4. Gyarados or Garchomp:
    Jolly nature
    Rough skin
    -Swords dance
    -Iron head(Coverage against Ice and Fairy)
    -Dragon Claw
    Item: Focus sash or Life orb

Adamant Nature
-Dragon Dance

  1. Ash Greninja or Marshadow?
    (To best suit this team) Either with a Focus sash or Z crystal

6.Should I use Mega Rayquaza or the losing Pokémon of either the Garchomp/Gyarados or Ash Greninja/Marshadow question?

closed with the note: This is basically a team rate; re-post on the RMT section including the full sets you're asking about here. You'll be asked by others to provide them here anyway.
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The first 3 are important.
Give full set details about your team (EVs, items, etc.) and ask this question on RMT.