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According to GF, and the Games code?

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No, personal opinion stuff. I don’t want to hear your reasons, just gamefreak’s.
Also what does Rotom dex have to say about this?
I asked with Specific requirements.
Either way, it asks the same question.

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Type: Null and Silvally are confirmed as legendaries. A question on Phione already exists, but to sum it up, it’s not confirmed whether it’s a legendary, mythical, or other, since even official sources disagree.

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Rotom Dex doesn’t confirm Null and Silvally so who confirmed them? As for phione. Was it ever banned from a legendary/mythical banned tournament?
Game Freak has confirmed Type: Null and Silvally as legendaries during event distributions. I did some more research on Phione, and it’s a bit more controversial: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/183806/is-phione-a-legendary
I’ll add that to the answer.