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I've been planning a team for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I was wondering what to give my Sharpedo. So far, I've planned it to know Crunch, Surf, and Ice Fang, but I'm not sure if the last slot should go to Waterfall or Dive. I know both are field moves and Dive is required for getting to the final gym, but I'm not sure where Waterfall would be useful. Could you tell me so I can make my final choice?

In the original RSE, Waterfall is required to reach the Pokémon League. I would assume it’s the same in ORAS.
I think waterfall and dive are both better than surf, because Sharpedo has stronger physical attack. Teach both to Sharpedo and surf to an HM slave.
I think sumwun is right about that.
Waterfall is required for getting to the pokemon league. You don't need dive after the primal episode. Surf is used the most so I would use waterfall and surf.
Response to Chickenboy2004:
What's the "primal episode"?
The Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre part of the story.

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Sharpedo has high physical attack, so dive and waterfall are both better than surf. Teach surf to a HM slave.

Dive isn't needed after the primal groudon/Kyogre part of the story so just teach sharpedo both waterfall and surf and you won't need a slave.