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One guy disconnected from a battle with me, and I took the loss. Another time a different person did the same and I took the win. This is for rating battles. It is very annoying when your are definetly about to win and then they disconnect. I think it might be that the higher ranking trainer takes the win, but IDK.

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Probably based on the amount of pokemon you have left
He disconnected midaway through a z move animation, which took the KO on the opposing pokemon, so that I had a Pokémon advantage but he still got the win
You want to ask this on Smogon?
Will they know?
Given that some of them are globally ranked in Battle Spot, probably.

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The person who disconnects always loses. If you are losing points from "their disconnect", then you were the one who disconnected.


I am 100% sure that they disconnected, but I still lost points. I was very mad from that as it took out a lot of points from my score
Do you have a video or replay?