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"Will the S.S. Anne go if I didn't battle some trainers in it?"
"Will the S.S. Anne go before I battle someone?"
"Will the S.S. Anne go if I come out of somewhere?"
Which question are you asking?
Number 1
To tell I didn't do anything there just battled my rival and got the hm and came out
I got to know that there are many things in the ship like berries and tms
So I would like to know whether it would be there if I go now and if not at least can I make it come back there
Now I m in one island with Billy's work going on.
Please help!
In Pokemon Fire Red
You can face all the trainers onboard once ,
When you obtain HM01 from the Captain you watch it leave as soon as u exit SS Anne ,
After obtaining HM01 u can "white out" to a trainer on board & you'll appear in the Vermilion Pokemon Center , hope this was useful
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No. As long as you haven't defeated the rival yet, you can still board and depart the ship at will.

I defeated the rival but not others and not yet collected the tms and berries
I got to know it is gone now
Thanks for your answer