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I speed played the entire game and didn’t talk to a single NPC, Battle a single person I didn’t have to. I didn’t go into any shops. I now beat the game and am wondering what’s left to do? I beat episode RR. Are there any NPCs or anything cool I missed?

How did I you not talk to a single npc? Hack?
I said I didn’t talk to a single person I didn’t have to.
Dont you have to battle trial captains?
Ever hear of a speed run?
You still have to battle the trial captains.
After you beat the game you still need to battle the trial captains?
I was under the impression that you somehow beat the game without talking to or battling anybody, sorry about that.

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There are actually a few things you could do! Some of some of the big things you can do are to:

1) Battle in the Battle Royale Arena
2) Talk to and battle the NPCs you haven’t yet (none of them are super special or interesting, really, but it’s a good way to pass the time)
3) Shiny hunt in the Ultra Wormhole or shiny hunt in general
4) Fight in the Battle Tree
5) Trade/Battle online

For me personally, I love shiny hunting in US. The wormhole is a way to get 3 IV shinys SUPER fast. (Just in case you aren’t familiar with wormhole shiny hunting, here’s a little guide: (https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/98557/t2273961-guide-to-ultra-wormholes-shiny-hunting-in-ultra-space/)
The battle tree is also pretty fun, as well as the battle royale arena.

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Use this link to watch a video listing numerous things you can do in the post game of US/UM. You said that you had already beaten episode RR, so simply skip that one. However, there are many other things you can do in the post game.

Hope I and/or the video helped!

I can’t really open YouTube. Could you please summarize it? Or find a separate source of that video? (Bing or something etc)
Well, it separates the videos into different sections. Part 1 is Collect (like getting all the Totem Stickers), Part 2 is UBs or things relating to the UBs (trading for Blacephelon or Stakataka), Part 3 is Legendary Pokemon, Part 4 is Surfing (achieve all high scores and get a surfing Pikachu), Part 5 is optional Z-Crystals (like Lycanium Z), Part 6 is the end-end game (complete the Pokedexes, get 50 wins on the Battle Tree), Part 7 is Champion Defending, Part 8 is Crazy Stuff( like fully update Pokefinder), Part 9 is showing Pokemon to NPCs, and Part 10 is extra quests. Did this help?