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I have been thinking about doing a Moon playthrough, and started plotting a team on paper. My current idea for the team is Decidueye, Machamp, Crobat, Magnezone, and Arcanine. What would be a good 6th Pokemon?

Please, only include Pokemon that are part of the Alolan Dex, no Pokemon that have to be transferred from previous gens.

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I agree with BlackAce. Another possible option could be Weavile (since you don’t have an ice or dark type on your team), especially if you prefer speedy Pokémon.
Why don’t you just catch a cool local Alola Pokémon and use that?
What sort of Alolan Pokemon should I use, falsebenguy2211?
Not being rude, but have you ever heard of personal preference?
And I would keep Magnazone, steel type is kinda useful.
I have heard of it. However, I am trying to view things objectively on this team (type coverage, BST).
Okay then. Black Kyurem, Mewtwo Y, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyorge and Ultra Necrozema?
I didn't know those were in the original s/m.
There is a thing called poke bank.
Wait! I got it! Try Wishiwashi
yes, i know. i guess i wasn't specific enough in my actual question.
And don’t use Decidueye. I just did a play through with it. Mine was Shiny with 31*6 Ivs and still got destroyed every time it had to battle a dark type.

Just saying. Dark Pulse and Sucker punch have a large presence, you may wanna try another Pokémon.
Yeah Decidueye is terrible unless you use it as your only Pokémon. It needs to be about 10 levels higher than anything else to be useful.
Gyarados is better than wishiwashi. Use Gyarados. Easy to find. Good movepoll. Nice stats
Gyarados because of its water, but then you'd have two flying types.
I think Weavile would be worth it, or maybe substitute one of your previous Pokemon out for a water type.
Your choice.
Falsebenguy ultra necrozma is actually us/um exclusive.

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Your STAB attacks leave only 4 types uncovered, and you can reduce it further to 1 type (dragon) by using a ground Pokemon. I think Mudsdale is the best ground Pokemon in the game, so use that.

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Slowbro. Yawn is op and your team is weak to fire and whats not weak to fire is not verry effective.

I'm pretty sure Starmie outclasses Slowbro. Higher speed lets Starmie sweep more easily and reduces time spent dealing with annoying status moves. Also Slowbro can't learn thunderbolt.
Um thunderbolt? Why?
It covers water, which is a pretty common type that resists water.