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An example would be Golem, Seel, Dewgong, Koffing, Weezing, etc. Exeggcute does not count since it’s a pun, and Horsea does not count either because it is horse + sea, not horsy, and the same with Seaking, it’s not seeking, it’s sea king.

Some people argue that "Dewgong" is also based on "dew". Are you sure "based on actual words" is well-defined enough to ask a Pokebase question about it?
Dewgong is actually based on an animal with the same name only spelled differently, Dugong.
Believe it or not, but both "sea" and "king" are real words.
@Terlor How do you know "dew" has absolutely nothing to do with this?
Because the actual pokemon itself has nothing to do with the word "dew"
Any Pokemon who's name isn't derived from onomatopoeia or slang I guess has their names rooted in actual real words.

If you mean Pokemon who's names are EXACTLY just real words, then Koffing isn't one because it's spelt Coughing anyway

It is a definable list though, just an asinine question. Why do you need to know this information? Just for trivia?
@Terlor Dewgong is water ice type, and dew is related to both water and coldness.
@PX The examples in the question are names based on ONE word. Maybe that's what Forretress meant.

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