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Do you mean Let’s Go?
Be easy on him he joined 10 hours ago.
Users should always give the information required to answer a question, no matter how long they've been on the site.
In Pokemon Go, when you catch a Pokemon, what does it mean when the pokemon has a blue aura? Is that better? It's not a matter of life or death, I am just curious. Did realize I had to be so specific....my bad oh and I am a SHE not a he
Also in the tags put go and i will reupvote.

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It appears when its stats lower and if youre talking about lets go when its xs.

Edit: not sure with go but probably not important. Also in Pokemon smd [super mystery dungeon] it happens when a Pokemon awakens.

And you don't need to point out youre a girl people just use "he" as "you". Also I only check the gender page on people i'm friends with. Or have cool profile names and pictures.

Edit 5 seconds later: Also you can't act like its my fault I just checked youre profile you did not say youre gender so don't act bratty :[

More edits: Just googled it and it will have one if you caught it within the past 24 hours source Also if I have to copy/paste the words can someone help me get the green thing around it and find the right piece to copy/paste so can someone do that thxs?

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What is xs?
Extra Small, he means.