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Since I rely on Clanging Scales / Clangorous Soulblaze a lot, is it worth it?

252 SpA / 252 Atk / 4 Spe.

(My Kommo-o has a Hardy nature.
Other moves are Poison Jab / Drain Punch / Work Up.)

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What are you using this Kommo-O for? Battling other people or in-game trainers?
That's already a pretty good moveset.

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Keep it.
I'd recommend you keep the moveset, given the Kommonium Z and the mixed moveset. It has almost equal Atk and SpA, and the EV's are an exact equal. This Kommo-o wouldn't last in a battle too long though, due to another person most likely having a counter competitively. However, the Clangorous Soulblaze gives a lot of power, then you could sweep with drain punch from there. and if a fairy or grass type comes in, just poison jab. That's a decent Kommo-o you got there.