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I'm starting a new ultra moon file. I've never used either of these Pokemon, so I want to see which one has better stats, movepool, ability, etc. Also this is my first question asked, so go easy on me.

How does Jellicent have more weaknesses than Bruxish? And are you going to completely ignore stats, movepool, and when each can be caught?
Bruh I answered no need to come around with your fake stuff.
I’m sorry if I misunderstood when you said “Jellicent, has a lot of weaknesses but Bruxish does not. So maybe Bruxish?” It’s totally obvious to me now how that suggests that Bruxish has more weaknesses. Totally not fake. Sorry if I called your answer bad, despite your answer not mentioning Movepools, obtainability, that both of their abilities are useful, their stats as well as competitive tier. Or a good role for them in game.

I do admit you worked hard copying the Wright and Size if the pokemon. Something I forgot to add because it’s “totally” necessary. Oh and you included the species. I didn’t mention Bruxish was the Gnash Teeth pokemon.

You did honestly do a good job listing all the Weaknesses and resistances.
Thank you.  But hey, did it help you anyway?
You're still completely ignoring some of the important differences between the 2, so probably no.
Ok, then. You should go with Jellicent. He has less weakness and he "Water"/"Ghost" type.
Ghost tend to have a BIGGER advantage than any other. So go with "Jellicent". Did that answer your question now?
Go with Jellicent.
Even if the ghost has weak attack stats and is hard to catch?
Converted into a comment. This isn't even an answer. It's just Jellicent's and Bruxish's stats copied and pasted from their Pokedex pages on this site. The question asks which one is better and not "please copy and paste the stats and tell me to decide for myself."
Even though I did "Copy and Pasted", I still tried hard. Because I want to help at least 1 person. And have I done that, no. You know a eve harder thing is. Doing something new. I do not play Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon, so I tried to give you information that you could have found. Then, you could have looked back and forth see which one was better, then choose. But if you don't like the Pokemon then do the other one.
I’ll ima say to that is that you should have copy and pasted.
Thanks, but I think this person is mad that I'm not giving Him/Her a correct answer, unlike you. :(    ("sumwun" Is the Him/Her) But your cool, and understanding.
That’s not entirely the case. sumwun is just trying to increase the quality of answers.
That's good.

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Less Weaknesses(4)
More immunities
Better HP, Special attack and Special Defence
Same Defence
More useful typing competitively
Has access to good status/Special moves
Abilities are really good depending on how you use it..

Doesn’t hit very hard.

Most likely role to play:
Special Tank

Half-Decent attack
Speed is higher than Jellicent
Resistant to some common competitive types
Really good abilities
Same defense
Not so good HP, Defence or special Defence
Weak to some common types
Slightly more limited Movepool.

Technically bruxish is better in competitive (It’s in NUBL) however Jellicent has proven to be stronger in game.

Edit: You get Bruxish and Frillish on the same route, and at that point of the game you should be able to get it to level 40 when it evolves before the Grand Trial.

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Is either of them obtainable earlier than the other? How early you get something is pretty important for in-game. A Pokemon that you get right before the Pokemon League will most likely be useless regardless of its typing or moves.
Pros and cons are essentially what they are good at. Also, you didn't even put what they're good and bad at in your answer. You just copied and pasted parts from their Pokedex page on this site and suggested Bruxish on no grounds other than it having fewer weaknesses than Jellicent, despite it having more weaknesses. This answer lists multiple good and bad sides to each Pokemon, and then makes a suggestion based on competitive.
You get Bruxish and Frillish on the same route, and at that point of the game you should be able to get it to level 40 when it evolves before the Grand Trial.
Now that’s useful information.
Why can't I help anyone? I'm no help to a single person.......  :(
Play more Pokemon and read more stuff on Bulbapedia and Smogon Forums. That's how I became helpful.
Ok, i'll give that a shot. Thanks ^-^