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So, I went to the mall yesterday to get that shiny Lunala event, but ran into some troubles.
My Alcatel is certainly no Smartphone, so I had to download an app to read the QR code in the back...but it just led me to this page.
Apparently, you're just supposed to use Pokemon Pass itself to scan the QR code. That's what I heard before and I already have the app but, uh...Absolutely nowhere on it, is there an option to scan a QR code.
These are the only two screens that appear when I open the app --> this, this.
If I click the information about the event (seen in screen one), it doesn't do anything other than tell me to go to GameStop and scan the code, but it doesn't tell me how to scan the code. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that little gear in the corner doesn't do anything other than lead me to my settings (which I looked at and they don't help me).

So, can I just not use the app completely with my device? Because there's absolutely no option for me to use Pass to scan the QR code, and the people at Gamestop I asked for help were stumped too.

To anyone who has already gotten the event, please tell me how you did it and what I'm doing wrong.
If you know about a good video that can explain it to me in full, that'd work too.

Thanks in advanced.

Yup, looks that way. Here's hoping for the best.
Are you running the latest version of Android/IOS on your phone ?

Update: Heading to GameStop now. I'll let you guys know if it worked.
Update: The GameStop we went to didn't have the QR code because the stupid manager threw it out. So we went back to the mall and it worked on my mom's phone. So it was because my phone is cheap and couldn't correctly hone in on our exact location.

So yeah, I SRd for tye right Nature and IVs and got myself a shiny Lunala. Thank all you guys for your help.
I'll hide this question in a day or two.

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