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I want my buneary and pichu to evolve but they're not, my buneary is level 31 and my pichu is level 18. I feed them poffins 1 a week, enter them in contests and I'm always out battling with them, so what am I doing wrong?

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Some tips I can provide for increasing the Happiness faster are.

  1. Equip it with Soothe Bell. This increases the happiness they receive for battling.
  2. Give it Vitamins and Berries*
  3. Just having the pokemon on your team can also increase it's happiness so make sure and do that.
  4. If you are playing one of the 4th Gen games you can view it's happiness by using one of the Poketech apps.
  5. Give the pokemon massages. You can find massages at Veilstone City or Ribbon Syndacite.

Pomeg Berry raises happiness but lowers Hp Ev's
Kelpsy berry raises happiness but lowers Attack Ev's
Qualot Berry raises happiness but lowers Defense Ev's
Hondew Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Attack Ev's
Grepa Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Defense Ev's
Tomato Berry raises happiness but lowers Speed Ev's

Here's somethings to Avoid so your pokemon's happiness doesn't decrease.

  1. You should never feed it anything bitter.
  2. Try to keep you Pokemon from fainting.
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You can give it bitter poffins if it likes that kind of food.
bitter means herbs
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Try not killing them or making them learn moves they don't like.Mayby they evolve at a certin time or place.Talk to the man who can read pokemon feet.He can tell you what your pokemon fell or want.Trust me.

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Keep your pokemon alive, heal it regularly, walk around with it (if using soul silver or heart gold), take it on walks if using D/P, feed it poffins more regularly if possible, give it a soothbell or any hold item that benefits it, don't use an exp.share - travel back to low level pokemon and train it (without it dieing), massage your pokemon in the city with the electric gym (D/P) you need to rock climb somewhere in the east of the city, massage your pokemon in the tunnel where you dress up your pokemon (soul silver/heart gold).
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For pokemon platinum, catch it with a luxury ball, give it a soothe bell, a massage in veilstone city, don't let it faint, and give it poffins it likes. also, walk it in amity square in hearthome city (if possible).

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YES!!!!!!!finally someone who uses a luxury ball!!!!!!!!!
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While the other answers work for pokemon diamond pearl and platinum, if you use pokemon heart gold and soulsilver, it would be easier to just use a friend ball made from a green apricorn to catch them. also if you trade them toanother game they won't become friends easily. and never ever give them herbs or roots. try only using berries milk and moves to heel them. hope this helps:)

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