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It's usually a 20% chance for a Pokemon to have it's hidden ability. Some Pokemon, like clefairy and meowstic cannot have their hidden abilities found in a max raid battle.

Source: an article I read like a week ago but can't find the link :(

I'll keep this up for now, but if you can't find your source, I'm going to take it down.
Let me look.
https://youtu.be/8GM8TlFEJr8 2:35 is about the Pokemon that can't be found with a hidden ability
...that doesn't have anything to do with percentages though
https://forums.serebii.net/threads/hidden-ability-chances-from-max-raids-small-sample.671376/#:~:text=It%20appears%20to%20be%20about,appearing%20in%20the%20first%20place. This was the "article." I guess now that I found it it's not an article it's a forum but there is a lot of data in this link.