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I'm playing Pokemon sapphire and please answer fast because I'm preparing for the Elite four of Hoenn.

If Swampert and Lapras are the only 2 Pokemon you have, then Swampert is better because it has less weaknesses. If you can use other Pokemon, then use Kyogre.

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Even though I have never played Pokemon Sapphire,They both have weaknesses and strengths.
It wouldn't be good against Glacia because ice beats ground but Lapras can resist them.
Swampert would do good against Steven the champion because ground beats steel but Lapras. Well...steel beats ice.Lapras will do good against Drake because ice beats dragon.So it's your choice! They are both good.

If you look at Steven's Pokemon and moves, then you'll see that only 2 of them are weak to ground. 3 are weak to surf and 1 is weak to ice beam, so Lapras's moves are no worse than Swampert's. The real reason Swampert is better than Lapras is because Lapras is weak to Steven's electric and rock attacks.