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I wanna use one of them in Ruby, but I can’t chose. Both of them are some of my favourite and normal types. Please help!

What do you want to do with them? Do you want to battle other people or in-game trainers?

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If this is for defeating Steven, then you should use Slaking.

Name: Slakoth
Availability: Slakoth can by found in Petalburg Woods with a 5% chance
Stats: Great physical tank stats supplemented by high speed and effective special attack after evolution. Slaking has the highest Attack stat of any accessible Pokemon and better bulk than Swampert.
Typing: Normal type trades a weakness to Brawly for an advantage against Phoebe. Few enemies resist Normal in game which allows for comfortable 1 and 2HKOs from STAB attacks.
Movepool: Slakoth learns Encore and Slack Off and Vigoroth learns Bulk Up after defeating Brawly, forming an unstoppable sweeping set. Slaking's movepool is incredible diverse and can be customized to defeat any opponent; options include Return, Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, the aforementioned Bulk Up, and Hyper Beam - from Slaking this is the single strongest attack in the game.
Major Battles: Bulk Up+Encore+Slack Off enables Vigoroth to sweep cleanly through Wattson, Flannery, and Norman, as well as Winona if it is still unevolved. Slaking easily OHKOs most enemies among Winona, Juan, and Tate and Liza, while also tanking effectively in the double battle. Each of Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake can be defeated by a Bulk Up using Slaking, or will see key enemies picked off by Hyper Beam; each of Wallace's Pokemon can also be picked off, or 2HKOed with Return.
Additional Comments: Vigoroth is one of the best mid-game Pokemon available. Slaking carries any fight it enters single handedly. The sole reason Slakoth is ranked only in B tier is the Truant ability. The painful training period of a Slakoth and the drain on time and resources imposed by Truant are simply too much to justify a higher ranking, even as Slaking matches or exceeds the abilities of other S tier entries.
Wallace's Tentacruel should be OHKOed with Hyper Beam as its Hydro Pump is able to 2HKO in return.

If this is for competitive, then Slaking is probably still better.

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I played ruby and omega ruby and I advise slaking all the way.
Although the main disadvantage of it is it’s ability Truant can be a pain in the butt but it’s worth it. I gave mine a silk scarf at the beginning of the game .
Delcatty isnt bad but slaking stats to it is a huge gap

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Delcatty has a wider variety of moves it can learn by TM/HM, but Slaking has better stats, making it more powerful. However, the Truant ability hinders Slaking a lot while Delcatty's Normalize and Cute Charm abilities both have useful effects in battle.

It's really a question of which you'd prefer: a Pokémon with more coverage (Delcatty) or more power (Slaking). Personally, I'd go with Normalize Delcatty and a moveset based on the foes you expect to fight, which is very useful against in-game trainers. If you plan on fighting competitively against other players, I'd recommend Slaking, but there are a lot of Pokemon that work better in competitive battles.

Normalize doesn't exist in RSE. Also Slaking can learn, earthquake, shadow ball, and a bunch of special attacks by TM.