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I've been looking all over the place and I can't find a code that allows me to modify the types (e.g. Fire, grass, water) of my own Pokemon. I have move and ability modifiers already, but I still need the type modifier for Pokemon White 2.

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You mean an Action Replay code? ...
because there is no in-game way to change a pokemon's type (except evolution and Arceus' plates, etc.)
Yeah, that's what I mean. It's kind of surprising no one's thought of this code until me.
i don't think this type of question is allowed.
I wouldn't have asked if I could find the answer elsewhere. Besides, an answer to this question could be quite beneficial to other players.
Whether or not an answer to this question would be beneficial to other players doesn't change the fact that it's against the rules.
Also, if you think a question is against the rules, it probably is. Flag it and don't answer it.
got it.

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Assuming this is for Action Replay.
If not... oh well.

The only answer I could find, even then it's 7 years old.

Here are some other codes, though, like Ability and Nature change.