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I'm playing though sword and really like both and don't know which one to choose
My team at the moment is:
I'm not looking for movesets but I would appreciate it if you put one


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I think Orbeetle would be better in your case because 1. Hatterene is a very slow Pokemon and your team consists of faster moving Pokemon so if you wanted to set up a Trick Room with Hatterene, it wouldnt be benefitial to the rest of the team and 2. You also have the added Bug type which will give you coverage to Dark Type Pokemon. But it is still completely up to you if you don't want Orbeetle and are leaning more towards Hatterene.

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Honestly if you have Fog anywhere in your southern Wild Area, I'd go grab a Ralts or Kirlia. If it happens to be a male, you have the option of either Gardevoir or Gallade down the road, depending on what your team needs (looks to be another Special Attacker though, so probably want Gardevoir).

If you are really set on a choice between the 2, though.... Well, Hatterene is the stronger attacker, but she's a Trick Room Pokemon due to her speed. Without Trick Room, she's on the short list for last Pokemon to move. But that also makes her extremely powerful in Trick Room, because she would instead be on the short list for moving first. Orbettle, on the other hand, is a very defensive Pokemon, with some prominent weaknesses (Fire, Dark, Rock, Ghost) and not the best movepool to work with. But it can work very well in Doubles or Triples in a more supportive role, with Dual Screens for example.

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