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This is in-game battling for Platinum and Black.

Platinum team:

Infernape- Blaze, Hasty nature: Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Thunderpunch.

Staraptor- Intimidate, Jolly nature: Fly, Close Combat, U-Turn, Quick Attack.

Magnezone- Magnet Pull, Careful nature: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Hidden Power(Ice), Discharge.

Giratina-O- Levitate, Adamant nature: Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Thunder.

Palkia- Pressure, Mild nature: Draco Meteor, Thunder, Surf, Dragon Claw.

Diagla- Pressure, Modest nature: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Thunder, Aura Sphere.

Black team:

Serperior- Overgrow, Bold nature: Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Dragon Tail.

Simipour- Gluttony, Mild nature: Surf, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, Shadow Claw.

Sigilyph- Magic Guard, Relaxed nature: Psychic, Ice Beam, Fly, Shadow Ball.

Sawk- Sturdy, Adamant nature: Close Combat, Brick Break, Stone Edge, Payback.

Krookodile- Intimidate, Gentle nature: Earthquake, Outrage, Crunch, Stone Edge.

Reshiram- Turboblaze, Careful nature: Fusion Flare, Stone Edge, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower.

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Okay first let's start with your platinum team. Get back the signiture moves for Giratina (Shadow Force), Dialga (Roar of Time), and Palkia (Spacial Rend). Also it seems to me that you like the move thunder. It's a decent move on its own but try teaching one of the pokemon that knows thunder the move rain dance which would greatly improve thunder's accuracy. Palkia would be the best candidate for that combo. A final bit of advice for this team would be to try for more pokemon-/move-type agreement.

Now for your Black version team. Simipour needs some more water-type moves, a good suggestion would be Scald (TM 55). Serperior and Sigilyph are fine, but Sawk could use either Bide or Reversal in place of Payback.

A last piece of advice overall would be to give everyone an item that would increase the power of the pokemon's moves. Hope this helps.