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I really am not familiar with the system of Pokemon, I am still trying to figure out Ev's IV's and other things in game and because of that I wont be able to distrubute my EV points to my Pokemon's or their IV values accuretally.

This in mind I will tell my team so you guys can give me acurate advice, then ask what is on the topic. Here goes;

Right now I am using
Togekiss w/ Hustle ability Quiet Nature
Tyranitar w/ Sand Stream ability Modest Nature
Lucario w/ Steadfast ability Jolly Nature
Gyarados w/ Intimitade ability Adamant Nature
Chandelure w/ Flash Fire ability Jolly Nature
Eternatus w/ Pressure ability Naughty Nature

Moves I use for them;

Fairy Wind
Tri Attack
Air Slash

Rock Slide

Meteor Mash
Laser Focus
High Jump Kick

Hydro Pump
Dragon Dance

Pain Split

Confuse Ray
Dynamax Cannon

The team I want to use at the and is pretty much is the same but there will be Zacian involved instead of Togekiss and after that I will decide whether I will use Chandelure or Coalossal. I am open to every suggestion, keep in mind I am new to Pokemon universe so if you guys can explain everything detailed I will appriciate that.

P.s: Sorry for my grammer or any mistake on my words English is my 3rd language.

If this team is not for battling other people, then you should worry about levels, not EVs or IVs. Level up your Pokemon whenever you want.
It is to battle, since whichever Pokemon I choose I will beat the game.
Who are you battling? Other people or in-game trainers?
Other trainers since game is beatable with nearly anything.
Fairy Wind on your Togekiss is horrible. Use Dazzling Gleam.

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chandalure is more likely to be useful due to its better dps capabilities and lack of any of the crippiling weaknesses that the rock type gives. it also gains an immunity to two types which is especially useful considering the fact that in game battling is generally a test of endurance for your Pokemon. coalossil has very little use in the main story due to the fact that it is too slow and usually gets hit an extra time due to it, meaning that even though it has better defensive stats, it would usually fall long before a sweeper type would

also you already have a defensive rock type in tyranitar so you dont really need that again
if you really need a new pokemon to replace togekiss then i would go for excadrill personally. it gives good coverage while being just an all around good pokemon
Actually i dont need a replacement for Togekiss but i want to try Zacian. If he cant hold up in the team i can try Excadrill. Thanks for help!