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Does Shield Dust prevent all damaging and status effects from Max moves and G-max moves, specifically G-Max Snooze?

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Probably Not
G max Snooze has only one effect, putting the target to sleep. Shield Dust only blocks out secondary effects, not primary like toxic, yawn, hypnosis, spore, you get the idea.
The only way to prove it is to test it.
I did and here's the replay: (Grimmsnarl VS Frostmoth) (no items) (prankster and shield dust)

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But Grimmsnarl KO'd Frosmoth before the next turn was over
By "probably not", are you not sure about your hypothesis? If this is the case, then you need to confirm it, it'd be better.
And what Iridacea said, the Frosmoth got knocked out the turn it should have had gone to sleep.