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Pretty much the older generations had Effort Ribbons and a lady to tell you if you had the maximum amount of EVs or not, but not in Black.

Not that l see. l'm going to start EV training in Black, but is there even any way to tell if you have max EVs anymore, or you just have to keep really good track?

P.S. l'm sure there is NO Effort Ribbons or any ribbon obtainable in Black or White because when you migrate a Pokemon from an older game with ribbons, they'll be displayed as Memorial01 and so on for some reason, along with the actual name and description on the top screen.

It makes no sense to max EVs. There is a certain number of how much you get for each stat. It takes 4 EVs to get a point, but the possible number is not divisible by 4 so you just waste like three EVs. ;)
Yes but to confirm my current number of EVs, I max it so that the lady can tell me its maxed.

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There is a girl in Opelucid City. Her house is North of the Pokemon center (on the right side). Just go in there, and she is the person in the middle. If it does not have maxed EVs, she'll say "Your .... Needs to work a little harder." If it does have maxed EVs, then she'll say "Your _.... Has put in great effort!" You do no get an effort ribbon.

OH OKAY! l JUST found her today before l got home but l wasn't sure and was gonna ask. Thanks! ~
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use one of the feathers you get on the bridges and if it says it wont work you have maxed evs in that stat.