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I Realize that this question has already been asked, however I have no idea how to explain what happened to me otherwise. I was playing through ultra moon whilst using an inkay/malimar (dont remeber which at the time of occurence) and my set at the time consisted of psywave/psychic pluck foul play and swagger. I used foul play on something and it only did about 25% damage, I got either growled or charmed at and because of contrary my attack increased by 1-2 stages. I foul played again and to my surprise it actually did a significant amount more damage then it did the previous turn (about 50% health was removed leaving it at approx a quarter). I know for a fact that there was no crit, and I seriously doubt that it was a min-max roll. if someone could investigate this WITHOUT SHOWDOWN I would much appreciate it (Yes, I'm asking for an in game test of ultra moon, this might be a glitch, was playing on ver-1.00 at the time. updated the game just yesterday).

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You sure it was growl or charm, not some other stat changing move?
im positive that it was a stat changing move that would have otherwise decreased my attack but didnt due to contrairy
and it was definately a move that decreases attack, but wasnt baby doll eyes. something that you would encounter in a trainer battle before the lvl 40 range
How long ago was this? You don't remember the Pokemon that the individual was using or your approximate level range?
it was the same aproximate level, it happened within a week of when i posted this question. it was a resisted hit (iirc) and early 30's to mid 40's lvl range
I'm going to re-open this and change the title so it's clearer about what is being asked. The question above isn't the same as this one.

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Long answer ahead:

Explanation: Foul play uses your opponents attack stat.
Also damage dealt isn't exactly 100% set. There can usually be a range of damage, so dealing higher damage on another turn could just be a really high damage range.

i dont think damage ranges apply to that degree, it was practically double damage  and it only occured after i got an attack boost
Damage range can be actually 300%