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I’m planning on using Samurott, Crobat, Lucario, Ampharos, Flareon, and I need one more Pokemon... any suggestions?

Get the Minccino from the Route 5 hidden grotto. It comes early, and its stats are usable. Double slap and tail slap are extremely strong when boosted by skill link.
I also recommend dropping Flareon and maybe using Darmanitan. Darmanitan has higher physical attack and speed. Darumaka learns fire punch at level 22 and flare blitz at level 33, while Flareon is stuck with fire fang for the whole game.

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Moveset: Crunch (a classic strong dark-type moves with good additional effect, and you know I beat the entire team of Shauntal and Caitlin only using this move, so it is really worth), Earthquake (high accuracy, and strong power of ground-type moves it will very crucial in Nimbasa City Gym), Outrage (a deadly dragon-type moves ), Iron Tail (a deadly steel-type move and a coverage move for Krookorok when facing ice-type Pokemon, but you can only transfer this move via move tutor in Lentimas Town).
Ability: Moxie (boost attack stat one stage after knocking out any Pokemon)
Nature: Adamant (increases attack and lowers special attack)

Good Idea I probably will

Edit: I probably won’t use Iron Tail on Krookidile, but on Flareon, and I’ll use a fang move or something
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Availability: Minccino is a guaranteed encounter in the Route 5 Hidden Grotto on the first visit.
Stats: Minncino has average stats, with a slightly above average speed. Upon evolving into a Cinccino, it has a very high speed and slightly above average attack. All its other stats are below average, so it shouldn't be taking many hits.
Typing: Both Minccino and Cinccino are of the Normal-type which isn't great, but gives it neutral STAB coverage on most Pokemon alongside one weakness and one immunity defensively.
Movepool: It may have a shallow movepool, but it has what it needs to function. It starts with Double Slap and learns Tail Slap at level 25. Upon evolving, it can relearn Bullet Seed and Rock Blast by the move relearner which give it much needed coverage that works with Skill Link. The only TM worth teaching is Dig for coverage though Return can provide a reliable alternative to Tail Slap.
Major Battles: It struggles against any Steel- or Fighting-type that can hit hard if they get a chance to attack. Other than that, it does just fine and will pull its own weight and more against anything else, bar Rock- or Ghost-types before getting the fifth gym badge.
Additional Comments: Skill Link Minccino is required for its top tier placement, and Cinccino needs Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, and Rock Blast to function. Shiny Stone can be found as early as Route 6 after beating Clay.


I would drop Flareon, but I made a pledge to use an Eeveelution every playthrough I do going forward