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I was bored recently so I got my copy of gen 7 to see and what I was able to find was to get swift swim on speed deoxys by skill swap switch out to jolteon agility to +6 baton pass into it and then drizzle pelliper with tailwind while having deoxys hold choice scarf with max speed and speed nature for a speed stat of 6048 is there a way to get it higher

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In fact, there's one species that can get more than a 50% speed boost from the item slot: Ditto, if it's holding Quick Powder and hasn't transformed yet. By Baton Passing +6 Speed to Ditto and immediately hitting it with Speed Swap (on something that's already swapped its speed with max-speed Deoxys), Skill Swap (giving it a weather or terrain speed boosting ability), and making sure that both the appropriate weather and Tailwind are in effect on its side, a rudimentary calculation would tell you that Ditto has speed of 16,128 at this point.

However...it doesn't actually get to make use of all that speed, even for transforming. The last few steps of speed computation, in order, are:

  • If your speed is greater than 10,000, reduce it to 10,000.
  • If Trick Room is in effect, replace your speed with (10,000 minus speed).
  • If your speed is greater than 8191, replace your speed with (speed minus 8192).

So in Ditto's case, the first of those steps will cut out the excess and make it fall to 10,000, and at the last step it's still too high and wraps around to 1808, which is all it gets credit for. As an example, see this battle, where we construct just such a Ditto, but since the naive maximum speed really only counts as 1808, it manages to get outsped at the end by a Swoobat that "only" has 2512 speed.

The maximum effective speed you can possibly have is 8191, as anything slower gets outsped and anything faster wraps around to 0 or other low numbers in the final step. However, the only way to actualize this highest of perches is to get a speed that would otherwise be exactly 1809 (such as a starting speed of 402 at +4 with a Choice Scarf) and then put Trick Room up. Without Trick Room, it's impossible to land exactly on 8191 no matter what starting speed or combination of modifiers you try to use--the closest you can get is 8190, from 455 at +4 with Choice Scarf, Tailwind, and a weather-speed-boost ability.

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So if I'm understanding this right (and I'm probably not because that's just me)...effectively Ditto gets so fast that the speed counter just rolls back and turns it to a negative, but Ditto still gets some speed, and the point of the question isn't the fastest Pokemon but how much increases you can possibly get on speed -- and the answer is something that essentially breaks the game's inner calculator?

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Makes me think about that time the community figured out you could do over four-million points of damage to Combee.

Legendary answer.
Funny thing is, any setup that would ostensibly deal 4 million damage runs into these same kinds of rollovers, and whatever it really ends up being is no more than 65535.
Yeah, exactly! That's what reminded me of it. So 65,535 is the max, huh? Good thing, I guess -- Combee would just be a stain on the floor.
Thank you for awnser my question as I did not now a ditto could do that as well or that would happen at the latter point ^_^
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That is the fastest you can get it. Outstanding job.

How do you know you can't go faster?
Because of two reasons. First, as FlappersFlappers said, the game's calculator breaks, and it can't be extended anymore. 2nd of all, you can't have Deoxys do anything more, you just can't. Technically, with Ditto you can, but it's a glitch.
The other answer says the calculator breaks at 8192 speed. How do you know you can't get closer to 8191?
Ditto responding to Quick Powder is not a glitch, it's deliberately what the item is coded to do (and the _only_ thing it is coded to do).