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Is this question clear? I don't think it makes very much sense
What part of it still doesn't make sense?
The grammar of the question. My brain doesn't understand it. I know tht you edited it, but the op did a terrible job
I don't think the question makes sense either, so I'm going to ask sumwun what it means, since they seem to understand.
@sumwun Can you explain exactly what OP is asking and what an answer would need to include? There are two claims in the question, and I would contest them both:
1. Assuming OP means 10 instead of 15, they say that Yancy will offer to meet-up even if the player doesn't do all 10 calls. Is that true?
2. OP asks why they don't get Yancy's Xtransceiver when they meet her (after doing so without doing all 10 calls). I take this to mean they think Yancy gives the player her Xtransceiver at this time, even though Bulbapedia says the tenth call is when the player *gives it back* instead.
Then, there is the possibility they actually do mean 15 (and not 10), in which case I'm even more clueless what they want. If we can't explain the above then we should remove this question.
Well, because of this question and because I am in the middle of a W2 playthrough, I decided to go get all the calls I needed to access Yancy at the ferris wheel in Nimbasa City.

I can confirm that you need to be called by Yancy/Curtis ten times before they will offer to meet you. Every call has a different dialogue with Y/C, regardless of where you are.

I am a little more clueless on the second part. After you have a talk with y/c, you, the player character, gives y/c the dropped item back. Then you add them to YOUR xtransceiver. Then, you are able to call them from any of the marked Y/c spots, (or the ones they were able to call you from originally.) You can only do this once however, and I am kind of confused on how to reach them again, as I have never done this before in B2W2.

Idk if this helped at all fizz but I just wanted to put a few facts on the table

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I will continue assuming the question means literally what it says.

Yancy is first encountered after the male player picks up the Dropped Item (Xtransceiver) in Nimbasa City. Upon obtaining the item, Yancy calls it from an old phone and identifies herself as the owner of the lost Xtransceiver.

So you get Yancy's Xtransceiver before she tells you to meet her, not during the meeting.

So the question just has a false premise. Fair enough.