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To understand better, here's my team
[email protected] Leftovers, Trait: Infiltrator, knows Dragon Darts, U-Turn, Shadow Ball, Psychic Fangs
[email protected] Miracle Seed, trait: Overgrow, knows Knock Off, Superpower, Earthquake, Drum Beating
[email protected] Orb, trait is Sand Stream, it knows Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, and Crunch
[email protected] Berry, trait: Levitate, knows Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower
[email protected] Berry, trait: Bulletproof, knows Dragon Claw, Drain Punch, Belly Drum, and Poison Jab

These are the movesets of Gengar, Alcremie, and Zacian
Zacian-Crowned, trait: Intrepid Sword, has Sacred Sword, Behemoth Blade, Play Rough, and Psychic Fang
[email protected] Scarf, trait: Cursed Body, knows Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and T-Bolt
[email protected] Berry, ability is Sweet Veil, knows Calm Mind, Mystical Fire, Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam

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You can’t use calm mind with an assault vest
Yup it won’t let you. If you have Calm Mind, that already boost SpDef, meaning you wouldn’t even need a SpDef boosting item, and the other way around. Just run Calm Mind to hit harder. Also, the Gengar set you posted only has three moves (Giga Drain is a good move for the last slot).
Damn it forgot about that I'll just give it something else instead
Edit: ok I switched its Assault Vest for a Maranga Berry
Why does your physical dragapult have shadow ball?
I was thinking the same thing. Why not Phantom Force if it’s Physical? Same thing with Kommo-o. Clanging Scales and Belly Drum? Oh and Hydreigon. Nice Special moves and then stone edge? Sorry for the criticism. I just think unless it’s designed to be mixed then you should stick with either physical or special.
U sure Phantom Force is viable, it's basically a ghost type Dig/Bounce. I switched Clanging Scales with Dragon Claw, and Hydreigon's Stone Edge with Flamethrower.
Nice. I like it.

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Well, looking at your team, it lacks a good specially defensive wall. Zacian can fill this role as well as many others, but Alcremie just does it better. Set up with Calm Mind to wall while dishing great damage. Recover/Energy Ball are all good on Alcremie, maybe instead of Psychic. Just throwing out some suggestions though. If you’re desperately wanting an attacker instead of a wall, Gengar should do fine. You missed a move on Gengar, I don’t know what it is but Giga Drain would fit that slot nicely (as I said in my comment. Also, Giga Drain is good with a Big Root slapped on it.) I wouldn’t use Zacian just because I don’t really like Pokémon like legendaries that will just sweep everything, but if you want something very well-rounded Zacian is always good. So basically it entirely depends on what work you want to be done.

Still, I would go with Alcremie.

Hope this helps!!!

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