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Please post a team of four Pokémon with natures, EVs, movesets and items that would be ideal to take on the double battle format in the sword and shield battle tower.

You can post version exclusives, but remember to post alternatives as some players won’t be able to get them. Also, remember that legendaries cannot be bred for natures, IVs or egg moves, so they are not ideal. Posting a strategy may also be helpful.

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I use these 6 Pokemon and choose between them

Cinderace: Pyro Ball, Low Sweep, Court Change, U-Turn
Zacian:Swords Dance, Behemoth Blade, Sacred Sword, Play Rough
Zamazenta: Protect, Behemoth Bash, Physcic Fangs, Close Combat
Eternatus:Sludge Wave, Eternabeam, Dynamax Cannon, Flamethrower
Corvighnight:Protect, Roost, Body Press, Brave Bird
Galarian Darmanitan:Flare Blitz, U-Turn, Earthquake*, Icicle Crash

Cinderace: 252 Speed, Attack, Blaze, Charcoal,
Zacian: 252 Speed, Attack, Rusted Sword, Intrepid Sword
Zamazenta: 252 Defense, Special Defense, Rusted Shield, Dauntless Shield
Eternatus: 252 Special Attack, Speed, Pressure, Black Sludge
Darmanitan: Galarian, 252 Attack, Speed, Gorilla Tactics, Choice Scarf
Corvighnight: 252 Defense, Special Defense, Unnerve, Leftovers