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I just got a Shiny Floette and I'm thinking about evolving it and using it in my Ultra moon team. But I'm not sure which Pokemon to replace or if I should use Florges. This is the team I've currently planned.

Mienshao (I haven't caught yet)


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It plays basically the same role as Vaporeon, a specially defensive and a specially attacking Pokémon. Florges has a higher base stat total, and it does the job of a special defender better than Vaporeon.

Florges was also gifted the Fairy typing, and you could switch into a dragon type move targeting Garchomp or Salamence. Metagross can switch into a Poison or Steel type attack coming towards it.

Vaporeon has probably less of a use on the team, as Incinaroar usually has Brick Break for Rock types and Mienshao will usually have fighting STAB. Salamence could take care of Ground types since it’s immune. As for the fire types Vaporeon also covers, a Ground type STAB from Garchomp would take care of most Fire Types.

Moveset wise, they both usually run bulky sets such as the moves Toxic, Protect, and Wish, along with STAB and coverage. Vaporeon usually Ice Beam and Scald/Any Other Strong Special Water move and Florges running Moonblast and Energy Ball/Petal Dance.

In my opinion, Florges work better with your team, and it gets the job done well. Of course, Vaporeon is also awesome, so it’s really your decision. Hope this helped!!! :)

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Of course you shouldn't run toxic stall mons in a playthrough as attacking is just serperior
Yeah true. Forgot to mention. Both should be offensive if using either.
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Florges has amazing sp.defense and a pretty good sp.atk and access to strong moves such as mooblast and petal dance. It also has access to good defensive moves like wish, calm mind, and has heal bell to heal the team’s status conditions. I would replace Vaporeon because Vaporeon has similar stats to florges in the fact that it has good sp.atk and florges has a amazing sp.defense and Vaporeon has a great HP. Florges has a better Sp.atk than Vaporeon and a better sp.defense than Vaporeon’s HP. Nice job on the shiny and good luck.

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Replace Vaporeon

Because Florges's are all better except for it's hp

Higher base stats don't make a pokemon better. It all about movepool and typing