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I caught a completely legit Ralts in Pearl, leveled it up, evolved it, and transferred it to gen 5. But it says in Poke Transporter, 'Theres at least one Pokemon in the box that cant be traded' or something similar. Also, I made sure it was the only one in the box. Why can't I trade it? Is there any other way to get it to Ultra Sun?

No it was in my traded up box which is like the sixth one or something? Idk
Try moving gallade to the first box for poke transporter! That was an issue for me when i was trying to do that
Flareon, have you tried enlisting a friend's assistance in moving this Pokemon? Maybe bring it from a copy of one of their Gen 5 games and see if that resolves the problem?
none of my friends play pokemon lol
they also most definitely would not buy a ds and a game just to help me transfer something up sadly

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