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its holding a soothe bell and it never fainted why wont it evolve


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just becuse you have done that,doesnt mean that it will evolve imediately.feed it vitamins,heal it with potions alot when i gets hurt.

on hg you can give it massages in the battle tunnel in goldenrod city,and in pearl there is an area post game where you gan get a massage once again,also in veilstone.
dont feed it bitter food,and level it up alot.

and one more thing... budew evolves by happiness but only in the daytime
hope i helped

well its been growing since level 4 and now its level 23
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Budew only evolves by happiness in the daytime. That might be why. You'd have to level it up then. Make sure its happiness is high enough, it can take a while (leveling up, giving it vitamins, and walking with it are the main ways to help. If you hatched it from an egg, it'll go by even faster.)

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make sure its day time, you have it hold a soothe bell and also put it first in your lineup