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I'm looking for a good Psychic Type Pokemon that would Fit my Team. Please suggest a replacement Pokemon and moveset.
A brief summary of the Pokemon:

Haunter (level 29)
Shadow Punch
Confuse Ray

Growlithe (level 25)
Fire Blast
Take Down

Meowth (level 18)

Vileplume (level 40)
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder

Dratini (level 21)
Thunder Wave

Blastoise (level 47)
Mega Kick
Rain Dance


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Either Alakazam or Kadabra work effectively.

Kadabra and Alakazam can both spam Psychic moves and have Shadow Ball for coverage with a high special attack.

Kadabra/Alakazam moveset
Shock Wave
Toxic / Calm Mind

Exeggutor is also a decent pick with access to Sleep Powder and Psychic.

Exeggutor moveset
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder (as exeggcute)
Leech Seed

Hope this helped!

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Thanks Nebby but my game can't access starmie lol
whoops :P
then kadabra/alakazam is your best bet
Shadow ball is physical in FRLG. Shock wave is better for Kadabra. Also I'm pretty sure reflect and calm mind are both better than toxic.
whoops :P
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Lets look at all of the psychic types actually available.
You can't get staryu or slowpoke. That leaves us with these options:
Alakazam: 500BST
Best stats: Special attack and speed
Kadabra: (If you cannot trade): 400BST
Best stats: Special attack and speed
Hypno: 483BST
Best stats: Special defense and HP
Exeggutor: 530BST
Best stats: Attack, Special attack and HP
Mr. Mime: 460BST
Best stats: Special defense and special attack
Jynx: 455BST
Best stats: Special attack, Special Defense and speed
Mewtwo: 680BST
Best stats: Special attack and speed
(Not going to include Mew or Deoxys)

Mewtwo is probably not ideal, unless you hack the game, or you can trade, but since you have a haunter, I am guessing you cannot trade. You have to beat the whole game to get access, so...
The next highest is Exeggutor. You already have a grass type however, so this may not be ideal, but since you have blastoise, you can probably make do. Its previous form can be caught after you beat the third gym, (skipping celadon and going straight to fuschia) in the safari zone.
After that is hypno. You can technically catch drowzee after you go to bill's house. (I think) It is a solid tank, and its special attack isn't something to be ignored either.
Mr. Mime is next. You can in-game trade for it by catching an abra. Solid tank that can send out damage too.
Next is jynx. You can get poliwag pretty early, then get it to at least level 25. (If you have the super rod, you can just go to route six and fish for poliwhirl). You trade poliwhirl for jynx. Jynx is a Pokemon that has good special and is fast.
Kadabra. (There are better)
I'm not good at movesets, so if anyone wants to suggest them in the comments, I would be really thankful. Overall, I think you should take hypno or Exeggutor. Since hypno is more defensive however, others could still do it. Jynx is an attacker, but it definitely cannot take physical attacks. However, based on what I have seen, psychic types are used as special sweepers, so if you want a sweeper, take kadabra or jynx. If you wanna tank, take hypno. (All of these are based off of their stats and my personal experiences with these Pokemon.)

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Just gonna say that Deoxys isn’t gen 1. It’s gen 3
Ya but it can be hacked into fire red because if you look on the version exclusives, there is deoxys attack for fire red and defense for leaf green.
Oooh ok
Hypno isn't good because it has low attack stats, which slows down the game. If you're willing to take the time to use Hypno, you might as well use Kadabra or Jynx and take the time to level them up.
Alakazam and Kadabra are the best.  I don’t like Jynx or Hypno.  I agree with Exeggutor though since it is also grass.
Jynx is actually a pretty good psychic type.
Okay Ya I think you guys are right. I might change my post