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Is there a certain number of attack moves a Pokemon needs to have in order to be considered a sweeper? Also, is there a certain number of "stalling" moves a Pokemon needs to have to be a staller? Sorry if the question is confusing.

This is for competitive, right? What format/rules are you playing with?
It's for the Battle Tree. I'm trying to do the Super Single Challenge, possibly the Super Double Battle.

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Not necessarily.

A sweeper is any Pokémon meant to either punch large holes in enemy teams early game, or clean up the enemy team in the late-game. That being said, many sweepers can work well with some stalling moves. For an example, a Reuniclus might have Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, and Recover, but it would still be a sweeper if its purpose is to damage the enemy team, despite having Recover, a more stally move.

A staller usually refers to a massive wall, meant to soak up hits and slowly beat an enemy with chip damage. However, some stallers can have a terrifying offensive presence, as well. A good example is Hydration Vaporeon, a Pokémon that eats up a multitude of hits on rain teams. Despite its rather okay 110 Special Attack, its Scald or Surf can be strong enough to outright OHKO an enemy Cloyster in the rain, even though it is resisted.

Even so, most sweepers are better off with a very sweepy set, while most stallers are better off with a very stally set. These two are just examples of Pokémon that fit one archetype while having traits of a completely different one.

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What's early game and late game?
early game is the start of the fight and late game is nearing the end
Early game = attempting to set up your win condition, which varies according to your team. If you're playing offence, then you want all the checks/counters to your main sweepers weakened or knocked out. If you're playing stall, you want to get your hazards and status conditions set up while blocking your opponent's efforts to boost (or play their own stall).
Late game = executing what you set up earlier in the game. If you're playing offence or balance, you want to get momentum (e.g. by sacking something or using U-Turn) and then start boosting. If you're playing stall, you just keep phasing the opponent, or you bring out your sweeper if you have one.
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This is just based on my understanding so I might miss a few points

To be a sweeper, it doesn't matter how many attacking moves you need. The most common way for a sweeper would be a +speed boost move, preferably with one of its offensive stats such as quiver and dragon dance, and then outspeed the opponent's Pokemon and kill them in one shot. This one shot could also be after they have been weakened. Choice scarf sweepers such as Garchomp is limited because it cannot boost its attack unless it was baton passed to it

For a staller, you need a bulky Pokemon and status moves, preferably toxic since the longer a Pokemon affected stays in the field, the greater its disadvantage. It's job is basically to just endlessly wall something by spamming a recovery move. Skarmory would be a very good example of a staller since it has spikes, stealth rock, toxic and roar. Basically, a staller would be a Pokemon that would use indirect damage such as hazard + phazing to slowly kill the opponent's Pokemon

As I said, I probably missed a few points so just point it out

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In the Battle Tree, a sweeper is any Pokemon that OHKOs opponents, and a staller is any Pokemon that wastes PP. Some Pokemon, such as calm mind rest Suicune and protect moody Glalie, can be either depending on the situation.

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To be a sweeper, the Pokemon should have a high attack or special attack stat. Usually these Pokemons' defenses are poor, so you need to have a speed raising move, that way if the Pokemon cannot survive the hit the second round, they can instantly knock out the opponent.
A staller would stall the opponent, sometimes for recovery purposes, so they should have a protecting move, a stat raising defense or stat lowering either attack or defense or speed move, a status inflicting move and a damaging move.
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