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A pure fire Pokemon removes all its weaknesses by using burn up.

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In Gens 4 and 5, Spiritomb shared Sableye’s typing and weaknessless status, but everything changed when the fairies attacked, making it impossible for a Pokémon to have no weaknesses off of typing alone.
However, Eelektross and its evolutionary line negate their only weakness with their ability, making them effectively without weaknesses. Theoretically, there are other typing and ability combinations that would also have no weaknesses, but as of now, Eelektross’ line are the only existing Pokémon that have no weaknesses.

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No Pokémon have 0 weaknesses as of Gen 8, without factoring in items, abilities, etc.

However, here are some instances where a Pokémon with no weaknesses can occur:

  • Along with Sabeleye, Spiritomb had no weaknesses until Generation 6.

  • Elektross has the Levitate ability, allowing for it to have no weaknesses (this makes it immune to ground type).
    - Elektross is not available in Gen 8, however.

  • A pure Electric Type Pokémon holding an Air Balloon gives it no weaknesses until it is hit with a direct move.

  • A Dark/Poison Type with Levitate or and Air Balloon also has no weakness.

In addition, if a Water/Ground Pokemon had Sap Sipper, it would have no weaknesses, and if a Bug/Steel Type had Flash Fire, the same applies. However, these scenarios have not happened before naturally. They can, however, be taught through Skill Swap or Entrainment.

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What do you mean by Eelektross can only be obtained in Gen 7? It was introduced in Gen 5.
I should say that differently.  I meant that it isn't available in Gen 8.  My bad.
Oh, also, any Pokémon under the affects of the move Magnet Rise are in the same situations as if they had Levitate or an Air Balloon. :)