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I was wondering if sweet veil still activates even if the Pokémon with the ability hasn’t been sent out to battle yet. By this, I am referring to not sending it out in double battles, but rather waiting to be sent out. This is during competitive play. I was curious before adding a Slurpuff to my team.

Sorry for the confusion before correcting my question.

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With some research, I've concluded that, unfortunately, the ability Sweet Veil doesn't have an effect when the Pokémon is waiting to be sent to battle. Sorry about that. It only works on itself in single battles, or its allies in double or triple battles, and only takes affect when the Pokémon is on the field directly. If it is not on the field, Sweet Veil will not be activated.

It also doesn't have a affect completely outside of battle.

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Hope I helped! Also, I think rephrased the answer slightly, to better answer the question provided. If it still isn’t answering it though, please let me know, and I’ll rather do more research or hide this answer.

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I really appreciate your comment, but that is not what I was referring to. I don’t know if it was me that didn’t provide enough details with my question, or if the question itself wasn’t understood. I must realize it was I that did not offer much detail. I’ll fix it right now lol.
Sorry, about that.  While you rephrasing the question definitely helped, it was probably my answer that was more of the problem.  As stated in my answer now, if I still got didn’t provide what you were looking for, please let me know and I’ll change it in some way, thanks!
Thank you. You have provided me with what I was looking for. Your slight change helped a lot. Also, I apologize for the confusion that was caused when the question was asked.
Oh, that's fine, I have a past of not wording things correctly (lol), and it was mostly my answer that was incorrect at first.  And also I'm glad I could help!