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Okay so here goes.

So I was just doing random stuff on my black then I ran into a wild Gothita that's MALE and that looks just like any another female. That really hit me hard because it doesn't make sense for it to be like that. Since Pokemon cant change gender when they evolve it all led me to this question.

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There is no correct explanation for it, it just is.

Its the same reason pokemon made it to where Mr Mime can be female, For NO REASON.

Same thing with Kirlia and Gardevoir. It's just weird.
Or Sawsbuck a Girl.
or slowbro slowking slaking
Or a Scrafty Girl, heh heh.
Try a Meinshao male.
okay i can only say about those pokemon O_o
genderless mello-FREAKING-etta anyone?
Or female Machop
male lopunny
nice same with FEMALE Gurdurr lol
mmm... they are trying on some of the pokemon to assert different forms to appeal to gender quoes. Kirlia can evolve into gallade if male now, and i have hunch theyll start pulling off major overhauls with X&Y like they did with the dia/prl series....
Gardevoir can be female... 0_0
There IS a reason for Mr. Mime to be female. It's Japanese name is "Barrierd". Barrierd sounds gender-neutral.

Source: Bulbapedia and YouTube.