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whats the best nature and best ability for porygon-z?


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Modest and Adaptability (previous evolutions trace) I'd say.
Modest powers your already awesome sp.att while lowering the att that porygon-z doesnt need. Adaptabilty will power same-type moves even more than already. For to make adaptability awesome you should have at least 1 damaging normal type attack (like tri attack or hyper beam).

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Modest nature or timid, but there is a different moveset with each one

With a modest nature id recomend that you use agility, since porygon z needs the speed to sweep, and for the other moves use tri attack, dark pulse and hidden power fire

With a timid nature id recomend using nasty plot because it haves speed, now it needs power, i say use the same moveset but agility on this one

Porygon z abilities are both good, i prefer download because if it raise your special attack, you can power up all your attacks and not only normal ones, but its not that reliable because it depends on oponent defenses, and adaptability is more standard, so its your desicion.