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I was playing Gen 8 random monotype, and led with Mew. The opponent led with Salazzle. Mew used Toxic Spikes, and the sprite showed up. The Salazzle used Toxic so I switched. My Metagross used Stealth Rock as a Charizard switched in. Nothing happened to it, Heavy Duty Boots I presume. Salazzle switched back in and the toxic spikes disappeared for some reason? Anyway Mew came back in and used Toxic Spikes twice. Charizard came out and dynamaxed, was cheap, etc etc. Salazzle switched back in, and the toxic spikes nor stealth rocks did anything, even tho their sprites were clearly there. Were they both just wearing heavy duty boots?

Grounded poison types automatically clear any Toxic Spikes on their side of the field when they switch in.

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The reason is a mix of the fact that the Salazzle WAS wearing heavy duty boots, and poison types get rid of toxic spikes when they switch in. Salazzle is fire and poison, so it got rid of the toxic spikes, and it wasn’t affected by stealth rocks because of heavy duty boots. This is what most likely happened.

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