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I need to know the max speed and S.attack of no evs timid lvl: 30-33 shelmet i am catching them in the wild and want to know when they have good ivs i also would like to know what their stats would be if they 70 base power hp fire, ice, ground, fighting. please do not send links to iv calculaters

How do you expect anyone to do this without an IV calculator?
Timid nature on him, with that speed? Don't tell me he's gonna' be a sweeper lol! =D
I'm just joking, sorry about that!=D
So are you planning to evolve him into Accelgor?

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Level 30: 79 HP, 34 Attack, 65 Defense, 38 Sp Attack, 53 Sp Def, 31 Speed

Now I'll just post the stat numbers, but they'll be listed in the same order as the one above.

31: 81, 35, 67, 39, 54, 33

32: 83, 36, 69, 40, 56, 33

33: 86, 36, 71, 41, 58, 34

I might get to Hidden Power stats later, but that is a lot of work, and I'm not feeling up to it this early in the morning here.